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Security, Beauty and Functionality for Retail

Muskoka Myles Glass and Design is able to install large mirrors for your retail clothing store.

Muskoka Myles Glass and Design is able to install locking glass display cabinets for retail stores.
It is a great way for merchants to display their goods free from the worry of theft.

We can supply retailers with a variety of security glass and safety glass. From locking safety glass display cabinets, decorative security bars for your exterior windows; security film for your windows. We can also provide decorative locking hardware for your retail space.

Safety glass can be pattern, tinted, frosted.  While having the beautiful look of glass in your store we can also make it safe for you and your customers.

Muskoka Myles Glass and Design provides high quality Walker mirror for your retail clothing store change rooms.
We can custom cut the mirror to make it fit into any space. Ask us about our safety backing for mirrors.